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Pool Tables in Mississauga, ON

Claymore Billiards

Claymore billiards is dedicated to making quality billiard tables using the best materials available. Claymore has researched every aspect of billiard manufacturing, and with the knowledge gained, created billiard tables engineered to provide customers with the highest degree of quality, and longevity possible. Claymore Billiards strives to combine form and function, your Claymore table is not just a high quality billiard piece, it is a work of art.

Beringer Billiard

Beringer Billiard is among the fastest growing pool table manufacturer in the world with dealers in North and South America, Europe and Australia. Every Beringer Billiard table is made with two key components: A strong frame construction and a beautiful furniture finish. Why Choose Beringer – Why not?


Swim spa indoor install

A beautiful addition to any home. The windows open up to give an outdoor feel during the summer months and also very useful for year round pool fun.