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“We are writing to express our thanks to you for assisting us in choosing a hot tub that we are totally happy with. During the selection process, you were helpful in explaining the differences between the tubs and encouraged us to compare. Nobody else talked about the cost of operating a hot tub and we are thankful that you did. The cost of electricity to run our Dynasty Excalibur is significantly less than the other tubs that our friends have. We can see that over the next 10 years, this tub will be much cheaper than any of the "bargain tubs" that are available out there.
Also we are impressed with your knowledge of how to keep the water clean with minimal products. Being able to use more natural products is important to us and it is evident that your line of tubs are easy to maintain without having to use the quantity of chemicals that other tubs require. Our water is always nice!
Please pass on our thanks to your installation team. It was not easy getting the tub into our back yard because of all the trees, but they worked it through without complaint and made sure it was set up properly. Rather than just plunk the tub down and leave, they asked us which way we wanted it positioned and provided some advantages of doing it particular ways. Even when they had it set, they asked us to look at it and make sure that was the way we wanted it because they would gladly change it for us. The tips to care for our new hot tub were welcomed and they cleaned up all the packaging before they left. We found them to be friendly and professional.
We enjoy the layout and the versatility of the jets. As a therapist, I can attest to the benefits of our hot tub. With the layout we chose, it is possible to work any area of your body. The jets are able to be adjusted to give a gently or more rigorous massage. There have been several nights after hockey when I have been grateful to have the hot tub available!
I can't tell you how nice it is to go out in the winter time and sit in the "blue lagoon" (we enjoy the blue light ... our kids like the changing colours) and watch the snow fall. Thank you to you and your staff for helping us make a wonderful choice and for your continued support as we come back to restock the chemicals. We sincerely recommend you and your products to anyone looking for a hot tub. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”
-Brad & Liz S.

“Why would anyone put in an inground pool when they can have the Master H2X Crosstrainer Swimspa? Our winters are cold and our summers are unpredictable. My friends with inground pools get very little use out of them, not to mention the cost of heating them. It is totally different with the Master Swimspa.
I purchased my Master Swimspa from Home & Leisure in Kitchener Ontario. The staff is great and the follow-up service was excellent. I can call anytime and they are always friendly and available. Maintaining it has been easier than I thought.
I love my H2X Crosstrainer swimspa!! I used it year round. It is great for swimming, aerobic exercises and stretching. Because I exercise in it, I leave the temperature at 86? F. This is nice and warm. My heating bill for the months of November and December were $65 a month more. I consider this a reasonable price to pay to have the luxury and convenience of a swimspa in my own backyard.
I used to swim in public pools but found that the chemicals irritated my skin. Such a small amount of water treatment supplies are needed in the swimspa that it is very gentle on my skin.
The swimspa is less money that any inground pool. It is still a substantial investment. I don't think we can put a price on health. I have several joint injuries and arthritis. I believe the swimspa may be part of the answer to staying healthy as we age. The only negative----I have to get out of my swimspa and get on with my day!
Thanks so much for providing such a great product. Everyone in Canada should have one!”

“I just purchased my first hot tub this past Sunday from Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure in Kitchener. I saw lots of tubs, went to many places and did a lot of research. Finding the TS 8.2 in black on the Internet is what led me to the store.
To start off, I was impressed with the extensive offering they had on display on their floor. I spoke with Kevin Heckman their Sales Manager. It didn't take long talking to Kevin to realize that he is a straight shooter - he tells it like it is. This is something that anyone spending this kind of money will appreciate.
I must tell you that I am very thorough and had an extensive checklist of questions about the hot tub's features, installation methods, how it’s built, warranty questions and so on.
Kevin listened. He answered everything he was able to and made immediate phone calls on anything he wasn't sure of - he didn't make up anything and was very honest. This was evident to both myself and my wife. By the time we were done we both felt a real trust with him.
His questions to us also made us more aware of what we want in a hot tub. In the end, we kept him almost an hour past his closing time and never once making us feel rushed or cutting our questions short.
Kevin is a true professional and wants what is best for the customer. He doesn't sugar coat anything and will let you know clearly what he thinks, and is willing to educate and share his knowledge. He is the type of sales individual that people will appreciate to deal with.
Without question...Kevin will get my referral from anyone I know searching for a hot tub.”
-Henry S.

“I am writing to say how happy my wife and I are with the purchase we have made of one of your products. We went to Premium Wholesale in Kitchener Ont. in May of 2009, looking to purchase a new Hot Tub. When we walked into the showroom we were greeted with a very friendly Hello from the salesman. His name was Simon and he proceeded to tell us about their lines of Spas they carry and then went into more depth about Master Spas.
While talking with Simon another salesman named Kevin joined in our conversation. Kevin was very knowledgeable with your products, with only carrying your line for under one year at that time we visited their outlet. We talked and looked for almost two hours with them, undecided with which product to purchase. We had previously in that day looked elsewhere, but were not treated with the care that these two gentlemen gave us. They took the time to answer all questions and concerns that we shot at them.
We decided to purchase the 2008 Legacy Inspire. What a great choice we have made. Once it was installed, in May of 2009, we have had one minor problem with one of the speakers. I called Simon up and he ordered it right away and replaced it within three days.
I commend you on making such a fabulous product and also allowing Premium Wholesale to distribute your line of Spas you are associated with. I would and do not hesitate to recommend your Spas to anyone that I know that is looking to purchase a spa for the first time or replacing an existing one that has failed. Thank you for a great product and great service from your distributor.”
-Chris P.

“I just finished purchasing a Hot Tub from your establishment and was completely impressed with the professionalism of your entire staff. I was a pleasure doing business with you and Kevin who helped me out tremendously. I didn't know anything about Hot tubs, but Kevin took the time on 2 different occasions (weeks apart) to explain to me all the advantages and benefits of each tub for my family. I was again, very impressed. He was patient and thorough in his explanations.
I am excited and can't wait to see it in my back yard. From your office staff to your front line people...Well done! I own multiple retail stores with 40 employees, so I know what Customer Service is and it was a pleasure to experience it with you folks. I will be back...with friends of course!”
-Roger B.
Co-Owner Braun's is Bicycles Braun's Online


Swim spa indoor install

A beautiful addition to any home. The windows open up to give an outdoor feel during the summer months and also very useful for year round pool fun.